Under the starlight of the beloved champion Giorgio Rocca


A big news opens the winter season at the Schloss Hotel. Here, the ski champion Giorgio Rocca inaugurates a new location for his Academy. It will be a winter dedicated to sport, fun and excellence with the "Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy", which will be built right inside the structure. The castle fortress of Pontresina, transformed into a refined mountain resort, will host the third Academy of the beloved champion from 20 December, offering its services to hotel guests.
The partnership between Giorgio Rocca and Hotel Schloss is not limited to hosting the ski academy within the resort, but provides for the involvement of the champion in the development of excursion programs that expand the already rich offer proposed by the local coach of the hotel and original proposals for team building, incentives and activities for companies.
Thanks to the extraordinary experience and knowledge of the territory, Giorgio Rocca has designed unique tours, itineraries and experiences.

And his academy


With 11 victories in the world cup, 1 slalom world cup and 3 medals at the World Championships, Giorgio Rocca has put his experience to good use, together with his professionalism and teaching predisposition, opening in 2010 the first 'Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy'.
Immediately the company became a leader in the teaching of skiing and snowboarding, guaranteeing reliability and safety thanks to technical preparation as well as to the human warmth of all the staff of professionals involved in the project.

For hotel Schloss guests


The 'Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy' offers individual and group ski lessons with live connection through radio links, with a Ski Team reserved for children and adults who have workouts on the ski slopes but also have the ability to make live videos during the descents to improve their style and also to preserve the memory of the experience.
The Academy then not only teaches skiing and improving on style but offers engaging and educational experiences for adults and children as well, with fun and highly technological training sessions. Participants can also try freeriding, snowboarding, ski mountaineering, telemark, Nordic walking and snowshoes.


For companies


Do not miss the Team Building and Incentive programs that can be customized to those already proposed by the resort. GR-SKI Events, thanks to the direct support of Giorgio Rocca and athletes and former athletes, manages to create unique, engaging, personalized training moments aimed at increasing personal motivation with a view to continuous improvement. From the slopes following the tracks of the slopes where great champions are challenged during important competitive events, in torchlight at night or breakfast at dawn with a descent at the first light of the morning.

Discovering the territory


From the Nightrace Ski to the Sunrise Ski, from the FIS World Cup Experience, an exclusive behind the scenes look at the World Cup, to the Ski With Champions, to Helicopterski and to the Ski Clinic, but also snowshoeing, sledging and snow trekking, Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy ensures a world where 'money can’t buy experience', a way to live with even more passion and enthusiasm, staying in the fairytale atmospheres of the Schloss Hotel & Spa Pontresina.

Empathy and technical evolution


From the passion for skiing that still today, after many years, animates Giorgio Rocca, the idea of a new approach is born. A philosophy applied above all with children, but also with adults and based on empathy and the first human approach to the sport.
The idea is to transmit emotions before technical notions, trying to live the same sensations that have tried and still try this great champion, like the feeling of fresh air that stings the face, or the adrenaline of a curve in speed.
This is combined with a constant update on the aspects related to technique, which is constantly evolving and deserves to be shared with all those who share the passion for this sport. These two winning ingredients lead the Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy to offer a high-quality service, that is also not to be overlooked by more experienced students.
And as Giorgio Rocca himself states: "The greatest satisfaction and gratification of this work is knowing that the student is happy to have spent time with me, with the awareness that for him or her I have been a technical and human stimulus. Increasing the sense of safety, personal effectiveness and self-esteem is also useful outside the sports context, as it is the lifeblood of our goals and our future projects. "

Start directly from the hotel!


At the bottom of the majestic ski areas of Engadin St. Moritz, there are over 200 kilometers of Nordic skiing trails.
The Upper Engadine is well-known for its famous cross-country ski runs, a true treasure for those who practice this sport. On the 30 different slopes, for both classical and skating equipment, extending over 220 km, there is no danger of traveling the same route twice. Here in Engadin this sport can also be enjoyed on the 3 ice lakes of Maloja-Sils, Sils-Silvaplana, Surlej and Silvaplana, even at night.
A perfect trail to choose for those who love scenic landscapes is one that crosses the fairy-tale forest of Val Bever, where the track slopes gently down to the Gasthaus Spinas and then finishes with a wonderful steep descent. For sportsmen, there is the Marathonloipe marathon track or the more difficult slopes like Zuoz Zernez.
There are also high-altitude crossings, such as the Bondo Alp or the Morteratsch glacier. The first one is right on the Bernina Pass, a circular track that is always snow-covered even in the off-season at 2,300 meters of altitude leading to the Glacier-Express of the Rhaetian Railway. The one on the Morteratsch glacier is best suitable for the most experienced skiers.

Maps and Slopes


Pontresina is just 5 minutes from St. Moritz, one of the world's most famous mountain tourist destinations. At an altitude of 1856 meters, this picturesque village is right in the center of the magnificent landscape of the Engadine Lakes and, together with neighboring St. Moritz, it is one of the most popular destinations of the world jet set.
This charming ski region offers 55 ski lifts with 350 km of slopes, a halfpipe and snowboard enthusiast park, 180 km of cross-country ski trails, 150 km of winter walking trails, high-altitude trekking trails, mountain skiing on glaciers, thrilling descents on the bobsled track, and hang-gliding and paragliding flights. Furthermore, thanks to the altitude and modern artificial snowmaking systems at Engadin St. Moritz, snow is always insured.
That these places are the privileged destinations of international winter tourism also demonstrates the fact St. Moritz is the only town in Switzerland to host the Olympics. It is here that Olympic champions come to train as the destination offers incredible opportunities for skiing in the Swiss Alps.
In addition to Alpine skiing and off-piste skiing, Pontresina is also ideal for cross-country skiing, with over 200 km of trails crossing lovely forests and valleys. You will also find the oldest bobsled track in the world here dating back to 1890. There are always a series of high-level sports events, such as the "Cartier Polo World Cup on Snow", which takes place every January on the frozen lakes.
From Pontresina, the most easily reachable slopes are those of the Languard Alp, with a total of 9 km of downhill slopes with two ski lifts, perfect for children as well. The trip to Languard Alp runs smoothly with the chair lift leaving from the center of Pontresina.
Despite its close proximity, the slopes are exotically scenic and very impressive.
In addition to the Languard Alp, Pontresina's ski slopes include such impressive descents such as Diavolezza, Muottas Muragl, Corvatsch and Corviglia, and all can be easily reached from Pontresina, which all together offer 350 km of perfect slopes for every kind of skier and to satisfy a wide variety of tastes.

Corviglia, Diavolezza, Corvatsch


From Pontresina you can easily reach the top 3 areas of the Upper Engadine Alpine skiing and are all beautiful to discover and to ski. Corviglia, Corvatsch, Diavolezza are the cradle of winter sports lovers.
The location is easily reached from Milan via the SS 36 highway which leads to Chiavenna in a short time. Once you reach this location, you must turn right and follow the signs. The extensive network of facilities is functional and fast, with chair lifts, cable cars, fast telecabiners, rail and ski bus.
Corviglia and Corvatsch arise on two opposite sides, the first is almost always exposed to the sun, while the latter rises to the north and remains predominantly shaded, and is particularly suitable for seasonal skiing.
There are illuminated slopes at night on weekends for night skiing. There is the Olympic Bobsled Run, the oldest bobsled track in the world, and the only natural ice canal still used for international competitions and there is also the legendary skeleton track at Cresta Run. After four Alpine Ski World Championships and two Winter Olympics, St. Moritz hosted the World Skiing Championships in 2017.
Pontresina is a well-known destination not only for alpine skiing and mountaineering. There are more than 200 kilometers of cross-country ski trails on the Maloja Lakes, Sils, Silvaplana, St. Moritz, which also include the 42 km for the famous annual marathon between Maloja and S-chanf.
There are plenty of opportunities on every level, such as Sils from the Laret forest to the lake of the same name, where many competitions take place, while the mountain paths climb up and down the many winter trails. Among the best known, the so-called Philosophenweg, the "Path of the Philosophers", a closed path that leads from Muottas Muragl to Val Muragl.

From the early 1900’s to today


Towards the beginning of the 1900s, with the growing interest of mountaineers coming from all over Europe who came to Pontresina to climb the peaks of the glaciers, this quaint village of the Canton of Grisons is in fact an international tourist destination. With its more than 4,000 meters in altitude, the Bernina Massif is one of the highest mountain ranges in the Western Rhineland Alps. Its perennial glacial rocky walls are ideal for mountaineering lovers; and at the same time, to facilitate connections, tourism and trade, the Rhaetian Railway is now being built, and today is already a UNESCO heritage site. The Bernina Express, the renowned “Red Train” runs on the railway, which crosses massive glaciers, fabulous lakes, with breathtaking views and unites Tirano at 429 meters altitude at the Bernina Pass, at an altitude of 2,253, then go back to Coira. The line exceeds 1,824-m altitude in only 22 km and faces 70° slopes without racks. Today, the red train is the undisputed icon of this destination and allows you to reach many ski slopes. From the windows of the Schloss castle you can see it as it passes, a fascinating red silhouette that cuts the white of the snow and you can also hear it as it "snorts and salutes" at each station, and stops right in front of the hotel at the Pontresina station .

Location & Contacts

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